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Soup for the storm, part 2: Ramen for a rainy day

I’ve been meaning to make miso ramen since L made a few bowls of her own at home some time ago, but other things got in the way. Then Tita E, D, and M came over to visit and brought along some nori from Korea. Another reminder to make ramen. And then Typhoon Mina came along. Message is loud and clear: Now it’s really time to make soup!

On rainy days like this one, I’d usually make a pot of arroz caldo which can last me for the duration of a storm. In the last couple of days, however, ┬áI decided to change it up. The corn chowder I previously made was great, but now I wanted to try something Asian again. (One can only take so much cream-based soups.)

The miso ramen recipe was something L found online. It was really easy to make, and the ingredients were, thankfully, ┬áreadily available at the grocery store. Well, almost all ingredients. I didn’t find any narutomaki so I settled for the rabbit-shaped fish cakes instead. (Looking at them now, they seem a little creepy on the soup. I remember seeing other fish cakes in the image of Hello Kitty in another supermarket. Those may have been cuter. Or not. Who knows.) Anyway, I love this miso ramen! It’s something I’ll definitely make again.

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3 thoughts on “Soup for the storm, part 2: Ramen for a rainy day

  1. I was just going to say those bunny heads did seem kind of creepy. But my eyes keep getting drawn to that lovely soft-boiled egg. You really are a cook, OLS. ;-)

    • Geeteynks. I was probably lucky this time.

    • When we were young, our folks would almost always have soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. They prepared them for us too. I don’t remember when we stopped having them and why. Was it a thing of the times? Or wala lang?

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